DRANE is an American brand which designs, develops, manufactures and offers products and solutions with Korean engineering, and Italian technology. Our products involve both hardware and software, providing robust solutions for access controls with ticket validation, pedestrian and vehicular access controls, visitor registration, time and attendance controls, building automation systems - BAS, and building management systems - BMS.

Our platform and devices offer security and control for amusement parks, theme parks, stadiums, business centers, convenction centers, transportation systems, and in general, places where users require a ticket to enter or to gain access. Ideal to implement access controls with turnstiles or any other type of entrance gates or barriers. Multiple credential types for identification and validation are supported (smart cards readers/writers, 1D and 2D barcode readers, magentic stripe readers, proximity card/tag readers, biometric readers, and others), with or without display for interaction with users.

Our systems offer unlimited and unparalleled scalability, to any number of validation points or access controlled gates and does not have a  limit on the number of users. Our solution offers realtime monitoring function, visitor registration, time and attendance, and supports integrations with membership systems and active directories, as well as integration with fire detection alarm systems, integration with intrusión detection alarm systems, integration with X-Ray scanners and metal detection devices, illumination systems, HVAC systems, elevator systems, UPS systems and others. Supports integrated monitoring and management of the buildings security and automation subsystems, and the implementation of a BAS or a BMS.